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12 Days of Christmas Predictions for 2024

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

2023 was a year of tumult. Will the consequences include continued Economic Uncertainty, a Second Cold War, a Loneliness Epidemic & New Energy Superpowers in the Year of the Dragon. Here are for my 14th annual 12 Days of Christmas Predictions for 2024.


In a world of always-on social media and digital connectedness, it seems almost inconceivable that loneliness could become a health crisis affecting one in three Australians. It’s a health epidemic that has been almost entirely overlooked by Governments, health regulators and providers in Australia. And it’s one that has been exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Loneliness impacts well over eight million Australians and is a significant risk factor for poor physical health, mental health problems and decreased quality of life. We are all diminished by high levels of loneliness. Australians have never been more connected but Australians have never been lonelier.


What do your predict for the year ahead?


Wishing you & your family a Cool Yule and a safe & restful break over the festive season.


I look forward to connecting with you to discuss the "Art of the Possible" in 2024.


From Adversity to the Stars


1. First Lady

Mexico’s elections on June 2nd will go down in history as Mexicans will elect a new president which will be a woman for the first time ever as both parties are fielding female presidential candidates.

2. Vote-A-Rama

There’ll be more than 70 elections worldwide, home to around 4.2bn people – for the first time, more than half theglobal population. Putting a spotlight on the global state of democracy.

3. Out of Office

As the fight over remote work heats up, reality will set in for landlords. The City of Sydney is

exploring convertingoffices into residential apartments.

4. Economic Uncertainty

Western economies did better than expected in 2023, but are not out of the woods yet. Interest rates staying higher for longer will be painful for companies & consumers.

5. Year of the Dragon

Dragons are charismatic, gifted intelligent, confident, powerful and naturally lucky.

6. A Second Cold War

As China’s growth has slowed, tensions rise over Taiwan. America continues to limit Chinese access to advanced technologies, the “new cold war” rhetoric has hardened. But Western companies that are “consciously trying to decouple” their supply chain’s dependency of China will find it much easier said than done.

7. Throne Out?

Commonwealth realms are moving to ditch the King. King Charles III, a man not short on titles is currently “Defender of the Faith”. Charles III is head of 15 realms including Australia, Bahamas & Grenada. A third of the world’s monarchies have him as their King. For now, at least. In 2024, Jamaica will start trying to change that.

8. Loneliness Epidemic

In a world of always-on social media and digital connectedness, it seems almost inconceivable that loneliness could become a health crisis affecting one in three Australians that has been almost entirely overlooked. “Connections Matter” as we have never been more connected but have never been lonelier.

9. New Energy Geography

The clean-energy transition is minting new green super-powers. Lithium, copper & nickel matter much more. Oil and gas, and the regions that dominate supply, matter less. New Caledonia is the world’s 4th largest producer of nickel.

10. From Long Leg to Silly Mid-Off

In June the T20 Cricket World Cup will be hosted jointly by the US & the West Indies – Each game lasts three hours and will be the coming out partyfor American cricket.

11. Uniting the World?

Despite polarising politics France will host the Olympics from July 16th – August 11th. Macronwill be sorely hoping the unifying spirit can last.

12. Generative AI gets real

Businesses are adopting it, regulators are regulating it and techies continue

to improve it. Worries abound about AI’s effect on jobs & potential for

election meddling.

Wishing everyone a happy & relaxing break over the festive season with families and friends.


With all the tumult going in the world, it has never been more true that Connections Matter. I hope you enjoy my 14th year of 12 Days of Christmas Predictions for 2024.






Martin Blake

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