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We aim to be at the cutting edge, identifying and supporting best-in-class innovative programs that drive better solutions to counteract the identified issues of loneliness and mental ill-health. We are happy to embrace risk – to be bold, to invest in evidence-based pilot programs, to measure our impact and adapt and iterate so that outcomes are meaningful and scalable both within Australia and across the globe.
Details of the organisations we set out to support are below:

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Rally4Ever is a registered charity focused on breaking down barriers and connecting everyone in our community to the game of tennis, bringing people together from diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities. 

Rally4Ever runs fun and free sessions of tennis and exercise. All programs are purpose-built for our community and designed to get people moving again and form long-lasting friendships and meaningful social connections along the way.

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The average time between the onset of mental health symptoms and when someone receives help is 11 years. That’s 11 years too late!

At The Harrison Riedel Foundation, we are passionate about preventative education and ensuring teenagers have access to the right resources and support at the right time. 

Our prevention tools, the YourCrew app and the YourCrew Classroom program, open the door for young people to seek help, safely help their friends and act as a conduit to professional help when needed. 

Our mission is to reduce the time between young people needing help and receiving the help they need.

Our vision is to reduce the rate of intentional self-harm to zero.

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Heart On My Sleeve (HOMS) helps people to drop the brave face and connect meaningfully during challenging times.

We are a leading mental health organisation with an emotional intelligence training program designed to teach supportive listening skills that empower real conversations.

Our Mission: Empower every human being on the planet to be real about how they feel.

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Our Causes: Our Causes
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